Hello friends and loyal supporters!

Thanks to those who came out to support me in my New Rep debut A House With No Walls, as well as my holiday stint in Shear Madness.  It's always so encouraging to look out into the audience and see friendly faces!  Those who made it to the SLAMBoston 10-minute play competition already know the good news: Pumpkin Patch, the play I directed, won for best play of the evening. With my previous win for The Rental, I'm now 2-0, undefeated... whoo hoo!

On with the announcements!

Now Playing

Theater Is Where the Heart Is: My regular readers know that, last year, I was invited to join the company of the Village Theatre Project, an ensemble of very creative and talented actors and designers.  (It was in VTP's St. Patrick's Day gala that I got to finally use my Irish accent!)  Well, I now have the privilege of performing in one of VTP's mainstage shows, Almost, Maine, which opens tonight!

Almost, Maine is a light-hearted, new romantic comedy in which “residents of a small, mythical town in far northern Maine are falling in and out of love at an alarming rate!”  It's been a blast to work on, with a fun script, and a really lovely ensemble: actors Shelley Bolman, Liz Hayes, and Joe Upton, plus director Bill Gardiner.  For Boston dwellers, it's a bit of a hike out to Groton to see it (estimate about an hour's drive), but I think it's well worth it, especially if you're looking for something fun to do for Valentine's Day that doesn't cost an arm and a kidney.

The show opens tonight, February 8, and runs through February 17, playing Thursdays thru Saturdays at 7:30pm, plus Sunday matinees at 2pm.  Visit the VTP website for directions and further details, and to reserve tickets.

Coming Soon

Back at the Helm: I am thrilled to announce that I will once again be directing for the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble, a group I had a lot of fun with when I was a student, and with whom I directed my first full-length play, Othello, three years ago.  This go-round, we're tackling comedy, and are excitedly working on Twelfth Night.  We had auditions just a few days ago, and I'm very pleased with the solid cast I get to work with, not to mention the innovative and hard-working designers & tech staff.  How do these students find the time?  You'll hear more in the way of details later, but you can mark your calendars now: performances will be March 13-15 and 20-22 at MIT.  Check out the Shakespeare Ensemble website if you need additional info in the meantime.

News & Reviews

The House that We Built: Reveiws for A House With No Walls were interestingly mixed, with folks alternately loving and hating the script, but almost universally loving the production and the acting.  Here are a few of the excerpts that make me look good (hey, it's my newsletter, and I'll quote what I want to!):

“Kortney Adams brings a quiet aura of courage tinged with fear to Ona.”
--Louise Kennedy in The Boston Globe

“Kortney Adams and Jason Bowen both do a lovely job playing Ona and Austin Judge, Martha Washington's slaves. Ms. Adams' Ona grows from a tentative young woman who's surreptitiously teaching herself to read to one who's courageous enough to make plans to flee. Ms. Adams makes her believable and appealing, while giving her an uneducated accent with a Southern touch.”
--David Brooks Andrews in South Coast Today

“Gibbons' talky set-up... takes all of Act I but you're rewarded in Act II when the play becomes rich, touching and quite funny... That's thanks in large part to the soaring direction of Lois Roach and the luminous presence of Kortney Adams, as Martha Washington's personal slave. Adams provides two breathtaking moments: One, saying a final farewell to her brother (Jason Bowen in a tender performance) and the other, traversing the centuries (I'm getting shivers remembering it) to witness the result of her heroic actions.”
--Beverly Creasey in The Theatre Mirror

“ 'Fiercely intelligent' is a phrase that can be overused, could be considered cliché. It's also the perfect phrase to describe A House with No Walls, the thoughtful yet entertaining play now at the New Repertory Theatre... you're hard pressed to take your eyes off Adams as Ona carefully packing her few treasures as she prepares to journey on the underground railroad... Bowen and Adams are so naturally and entirely their characters that if it weren't for how good the other actors are, you might resent that the duo aren't featured in more scenes. Adams in particular nearly glows with her character's emotions, using subtle movements and facial expressions to convey more than any monologue.”
--Jennifer Bubriski in EDGE Boston

Here's hoping there are lots more opportunities to do great plays with New Rep!

That's it for this edition.  Thanks for reading and thanks, as always, for your support!

Kortney Adams