Hello friends and loyal supporters!

Thanks to those who came out last month to celebrate my return into the lunacy that is Shear Madness.  If you missed it, you'll have another chance soon.  Details on that and lots more below.

On with the announcements!

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(Re)Writing History: My debut at the New Repertory Theatre officially began last night, with the opening of Thomas Gibbons' A House With No Walls.  Check out the Boston Globe's snazzy article about us.  Or, if you're short on time, here's New Rep's synopsis:
The grounds of George Washington's presidential home erupt into an emotional minefield when two opposing African-American politicos weigh in on how to honor both American liberty and the memory of the nine slaves who lived in the eight-by-eight foot square quarters on site.  Their debate is juxtaposed against the experience of Ona Judge, one of President Washington's slaves, whose quest for freedom came at a great price.  Based on real events, A House With No Walls exposes a modern challenge of successful African-Americans while revealing still-hidden prejudices.
For those who came out to see The Trial of One Short-Sighted Black Woman... earlier this year, you'll remember I played a modern black woman trying to figure out what bearing our slave history has on us today.  This time around, I get to tackle the other side of the story, as I have the honor of portraying real-life historical figure Ona Judge, who lived in the 1700s.  It's an entirely different challenge, and one that I'm very much enjoying.

We've been in previews all week, and the response from early audiences has been enthusiastically positive.  With an intriguing script, an incredible cast, highly imaginative designers, and a visionary director, I suppose it should be no surprise: we've got ourselves a good show!

Performances continue through November 18, playing Wednesday thru Sunday evenings, plus weekend matinees.  Visit the New Rep website for the detailed schedule and to reserve tickets.

As a reminder to the financially-challenged among you, there are many ways to score free or discount tickets for live theater in Boston.  You can always:
  • join StageSource: StageSource members were eligible for free tickets to the final preview and opening night, plus 2-for-1 tickets the rest of the run;
  • visit BosTix: their booths near Government Center and Copley Square offer half-priced tickets to same-day performances;
  • sign up to usher: if you can arrive an hour early, you can see the show for free (call the box office to find out about availability); or simply
  • ask me: I may know about nights we need ushers, nights we're papering the house (i.e., giving away free tickets just to pack the theater), or have access to other discounts - in this case, I have a number of half-priced tickets available for my friends and family.
Bottom line: don't let money be an obstacle between you and great theater!

Back in the Cushy Seat: Yes, I will once again be seizing the director's reins to help put together a fun and thought-provoking new play by Boston playwright Pat Gabridge.  The play, Pumpkin Patch, will be performed as part of SLAMBoston, a 10-minute-play competition, held on one night only: Tuesday, November 13 at 8pm, at the BCA Plaza Theater.  On the surface, Pumpkin Patch is a very funny piece about a disagreement in a community garden, but it also manages to explore the race and class conflicts that might develop in a newly gentrified neighborhood.

SLAMBoston is a co-production of Another Country Productions and Company One, with a mission to showcase new works by and about women, gays, lesbians, and people of color.  I've read all eight plays in the competition, and seen the talented casts, and I predict a solidly entertaining evening.  Get full info on Another Country's website.

Coming Soon

Just Can't Stay Sane: Now that I've had a taste of Shear Madness, I need to get regular fixes!  (And just when I was about to get my 1-year coin...)  Look for me in the show from Dec 11-23, and again from Dec 31-Jan 13.  Who wouldn't want to spend New Years Eve with me in a hair salon?  Buy tickets online at www.shearmadness.com.

In Other News...

We Are the Champions, My Friends: I made the trek up to Portsmouth for the New Hampshire Film Festival earlier this month, and aside from having fun rubbing elbows with the director and producers (plus star Joey McIntyre), I also just really enjoyed seeing On Broadway again.  It truly is a fun and charming little film.  Think I'm biased?  How about this: On Broadway won the festival's Grand Jury Prize!  I think writer/director Dave McLaughlin may be running out of space on his mantel for all the awards this movie is racking up.

There's still time to be a cool kid and catch this film at an indie festival, before it becomes a mega-blockbuster!  Here are some upcoming screenings:

The Berkshires:
Northampton Independent Film Festival
Northampton, MA
Friday, November 9, 8pm

Magners Irish Film Festival
Harvard Film Archive in Harvard Square
Saturday, November 10, 7pm
note: On Broadway has already received this festival's Director's Choice award

United Kingdom:
Filmstock International
Luton, England
Sunday, November 11, 2pm

As a reminder, you can always get the latest news and info about the movie at the film's official website and MySpace page.

That's it for this edition.  Thanks for reading and thanks, as always, for your support!

Kortney Adams